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Fin Tech startup offers eye-scanning identification


EyeVerify takes the prints of eyes and turns the microfeatures, such as veins, into an encryption, providing yet another method for biometric security.

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We’ve seen a few alternatives to conventional passwords as a means of accessing secure data, such as behavioral profiling and skull sounds. Last year, Citigroup announced development of an eye-scanning ATM, and now EyeVerify is a startup offering software that can identify users through the vein patterns in their eyes.

Through the front-facing camera of personal devices, EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID software can take a print of the white of the eye, and use vein patterning and structure as unique identifiers. The system effectively works by users taking a selfie, looking to the left to maximize the amount of the white in the display of their eyes. As well as providing an alternative to passwords on smart devices, EyeVerify’s technology is being adopted by big business, with Wells Fargo set to replace passwords with the system.

In an increasingly connected world, could eye-reading biometrics be used to access other secure places, such as cars and homes?



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