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Finally, the first climate-adjusting hijab


The Veil “Cool Dry” hijab is constructed with waterproof nylon, and keeps its wearer 7 – 10 degrees cooler than the standard hijab.

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From cooling basketball shirts to quick-dry running gear, we have seen technology being incorporated into apparel for some time now. But these products rarely reach the niche customer bases, such as that of women who wear the hijab or headscarves. Now, a 22-year-old entrepreneur Ahmad Ghanem has created the first climate-adjusting hijab, adding an athletic alternative to the market.

Most of these women wear the scarf covering their entire head all year round, which means that it could be difficult to keep cool in hotter months. Inspired by performance-wear giants like Nike, the Veil “Cool Dry” hijab is constructed with a waterproof, nylon material that keeps its wearer 7 – 10 degrees cooler than standard hijabs. The exterior is made up of a durable water repellent, keeping its wearer dry in the rain, while the cooling technology reflects up to 80% of the sunlight that reaches its surface.

After an extremely successful Kickstarter round, targeting USD 5,000 and raising over USD 40,000 — exemplifying the large market demand for alternatives in this industry — Veil is available for preorder through the company’s website. The company believes that technology in clothing is expanding into all areas of apparel and changing the entire fashion landscape. What other areas of apparel can also do with a technology injection?



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