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Seamless touchscreen control via finger angling


Qeexo’s touchscreen software detects users’ finger angle, enabling a wider range of device control.

Touchscreen technology keeps growing in function — we’ve already wrote about a projector that turns any surface into a touchscreen. Qeexo’s FingerAngle goes a step further to register the angle of the finger at contact with the screen, so users can control content by leaning or rotating their finger.

Touchscreens currently read finger movement along the X and Y axis, limiting interactions to touch, swipe and pinch. The software is algorithm based, so it can be added to existing devices and content, and applied to zoom and scrolling functions and rotating dial adjustments. The function will be especially useful for devices like smartwatches, where the display is too small to accommodate dual finger movement.

Enhancing the range of touchscreen controls enables a greater level of content interactivity. Qeexo has already developed FingerSense, which lets users manipulate screens with their knuckles and nails. How else can we accommodate greater touchscreen interactivity?



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