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Fintech startup offers mobile wallet services, social finance and content sharing all in one

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Danish-based app has the capability to contain everything that is today hosted in the leather wallet from ID card through to driving license.

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Removing the need to carry around a physical wallet has been the concern of several innovations that we have recently covered. These two startups are disrupting the FinTech industry with payments through soundwaves, and this new device allows users to retrofit their watch with NFC payment functionality. Now, a Danish company has released Puut Wallet, an app that combines mobile wallet services, social finance enablement and content sharing to be used by individuals, service providers and merchants alike.

The Puut Wallet can completely replace a traditional wallet, containing everything from biometric passports, credit cards and tickets to loyalty cards, vouchers, receipts and boarding passes. Content from other apps can be added or taken out of the Puut Wallet. An interesting additional social features also allow users to create city-based shopping groups that can collectively purchase items from local stores at discount rates.

Could this kind of service aggregation be used for other mobile phone services?

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