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Platform creates level playing field for amateur freelancers

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Boonle’s platform posts freelance jobs on a first-come, first-serve and pay-what-you-want basis, rewarding rookie freelancers with experience and tips.

We’ve seen a startups that assist the unpredictable schedule of freelancers, such as this platform that fronts money for invoices that have yet to clear, and now Boonle wants to help budding freelancers find jobs.

First, businesses list projects such as logo design or blog writing on Boonle. These listings are then selected by freelancers, who acquire them on a first-come, first-serve basis regardless of experience. But the projects are priced according to a pay-what-you-want model, and there is no guarantee of monetary reward for freelancers. By completing high quality projects, freelancers can receive ‘appreciations’, good reviews, and suggested monetary tips from businesses, of which Boonle takes 30 percent. When users receive enough appreciation they level-up, and can receive a higher average tip rate for their work. Freelancers can also work towards level 10, granting them access to Boonle’s VIP projects, which will earn them higher pay.

With their principle of first-come, first serve, Boonle helps rookie freelancers gain vital experience. Could a platform create a more stable freelance schedule, by taking small amounts of pooled income to create resources for holiday and sick pay?



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