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Fishing in the great outdoors...from home

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RoboFisher enables users to fish-from-home — remotely control a robot fishing rod and catch fish in real-time.

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We’re seeing a lot of telepresence solutions, for doctor appointments, virtual city tours, and even nocturnal museum visits. Now for those who love fishing, but would rather stay at home, they can enjoy a live fishing experience with RoboFisher.

The platform enables users to purchase “fishing” hours at a tranquil lake in Romania. Starting at USD 9.99, users can spend ten minutes controlling a robot, rigged with fishing rods and loaded with bait and float. Users control the depth and how far out their bait is set, and when they think they have a catch, they can pull up the fish into a net. The whole scene can be viewed via two different camera angles in real-time. However, just like genuine fishing, the session cannot be paused — even remote fishing requires patience and likely disappointment, although RoboFisher claims that a fish is caught 50 percent of the time.

While being in the great outdoors is one of the main reasons why people enjoy this pastime, RoboFisher, like all telepresence platforms, allows less abled users to have an experience that may otherwise be inaccessible. What other outdoor experiences could be made possible from home devices?



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