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Cows' wearable

Fitbit for cows helps Pakistan farmers keep herds healthy


A wearable for cows that is designed to help farmers more easily track the health, fertility, location and general activity of their cattle.

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Despite being one of the world’s major milk-producing countries, Pakistan’s average milk yield per cow is far below that of other nations. The founders of Cowlar, a startup based in Islamabad, Pakistan, believe that by increasing the efficiency of each farmer’s herd by even five percent, more than USD 1 billion could be added to the country’s economy. Using Cowlar – a wearable for cows that tracks their temperature, activity, health and fertility – could help accomplish that increase in productivity.

An easy to fit collar, the Cowlar is waterproof and has a six month battery life. Using motion sensors, the collars wirelessly send data to farmers via a solar powered base and cellular service towers. Depending on their personal preference, farmers can access their herd’s information via text, automatic phone call and through an online dashboard. Interest in the collar has been widespread, and Cowlar says that it will expand globally after doing more local development work. Currently the collar costs USD 69 with a USD 3 monthly subscription fee after the first three months.

With such disparity between the food wasted in some countries and starvation in others, farming has the potential to significantly redress the imbalance. A connected farm-in-a-box is now available to help communities become more self-sufficient, and apps are being used by a variety of agencies to help farmers better prepare for potential natural disasters. How could farming communities in different countries use technology to help support each other?



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