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Active footrest

Fitness tool allows movement at your desk

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This active footrest improves blood circulation and reduces muscle tension through movement.

Here at Springwise we are always looking for ways to optimize the workplace. Whether that’s an adaptable smart desk or a travel benefit program, a happy and healthy workplace improves productivity. Korean startup CTL have designed their first product to achieve this goal.

Officiser is a fitness tool designed to disrupt the sedentary lifestyle experienced by a large section of the global workforce. Those who spent their days working at a desk miss out on daily movement that promotes good health and a positive outlook. Simple and compact, the active footrest sits neatly under your desk, ready for use.

Relying on the principle of zero-gravity motion, Officiser simulates up to 70 percent of the walking motion even when sitting. It also functions in conjunction with a standing desk. Regular movement throughout the day improves blood circulation, which is better for both your health and your brain performance. As well as encouraging movement while sitting, using the footrest relieves tension from the joints. The alternative feature of the Transboard also allows users to experience board-movement, much like surfing or snow-boarding.

As well as its variety of health benefits, Officiser could help fidgeters stay more focused at their desk. Moving your feet around underneath your workspace leaves your hands and mind free to work more effectively.

CLT are currently crowdfunding Officiser on Indiegogo and are looking to start manufacturing the product for mass market in September 2018. What other tools might crop up in future to help optimise working conditions?



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