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Fitness tracker offers real-time granular data for bodybuilders

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Currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, Italy's Beast is a sensor and app that accurately track users' bodybuilding on a rep-by-rep basis.

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The market has been flooded with fitness trackers for all kinds of activities in the last few years — including weightlifting — and there’s even been devices such as the Tao Wellshell that lets office workers build muscle on the job. Currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, Italy’s Beast is a sensor and app that accurately track users’ multiple bodybuilding exercises on a rep-by-rep basis.

The sensor comes in the form of a small magnetic box that can be easily attached to dumbbells, weight machines or the user’s clothing. The device is able to record up to 200 measurements per second and track any type of muscle-building activity. Users simply set their training goals and the app displays detailed data about their performance in real time. It immediately alerts them if it senses they’re doing the activity incorrectly and offers information about what they can do differently to achieve their goals, from optimal weight to lift and how many reps to do.

Watch the video below to learn more about Beast:

Beast’s beta app has already been trialled by the Italy national soccer team for this year’s World Cup. Those wanting to get their own device can still pre-order one from Indiegogo for USD 249 until 19 July. Is there any room in the market for more fitness sensors and apps?




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