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Flexible paywall lets readers choose how they pay

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PayOrShare enables businesses to charge consumers for their premium content — but lets the customer choose how they pay.

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In the world of digital publishing, social media shares have a direct effect on readership figures and advertising potential. So much so that ‘social currency’ can be just as valuable to a site as plain, old fashioned money — We have already seen Sharewall enabling readers to unlock premium content on a share-one-read-one basis. Now, PayOrShare, from Germany, is providing an even more flexible platform. Customers are able to read the digital material first and then choose what currency to pay with — a post on their chosen social network or a small amount of money.

Businesses can use PayOrShare’s platform to monetize their digital content — whether that be an eCommerce store promoting coupons, a publisher promoting premium content or an entertainment company sharing videos. The platform builds on Sharewall’s format by acknowledging that some consumers may prefer to spend a little money than share content, and it has taken care not to isolate those users. By letting consumers choose how they want to pay on a case-by-case basis, businesses can benefit from increased traffic and an increase in monetary income. The system also generates useful data, through which businesses can analyze the strengths of their campaign.

PayOrShare can be integrated into an existing site in less than 30 minutes, and the team, based in Hamburg, can create custom solutions for different business models. Are there other ways to harness the value of ‘social currency’ in a way that benefits businesses and consumers?



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