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Flying foam logos create ads in the sky

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What do grass, sand, water, snow, wood and dirty streets have in common? Answer: they’ve all been used as a medium for advertising, as we’ve noted on several occasions before. Now there’s yet another option for unconventional marketers: soap foam mixed with lighter-than-air gasses such as helium. Flogos—the result of such a mix—are flying foam logos that float through the sky, and they’ve actually been around for almost exactly a year* following their introduction last spring by Alabama special effects company Snowmasters. Available in 12-, 36- and 48-inch sizes, Flogos can travel up to 30 miles and float as high as 5,000 feet, depending on their formulation. Most last from 30 to 40 minutes, after which time they evaporate without a trace, making them completely environmentally friendly, the company says. Flogos customers have included Lindt chocolates, the California Angels, Disney World, Mercedes-Benz and Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, to name just a few. The company has also expanded into 18 offices worldwide, with new locations including China, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, Turkey, England, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Israel, Africa, Australia and Canada. In addition to providing a novel way to break through the advertising clutter, Flogos also mesh nicely with the trend toward “eco-vertising” and other environmentally sustainable approaches. Could be a fun one to partner with—the sky’s the limit on the possibilities! 😉 (Related: Media agency focuses on low-eco-impact advertising.) Spotted by: Bill McMahon * Background detail: Flogos got so much buzz last year, that we ended up not covering it. But when it showed up on our radar again this spring, we were curious to see how the concept fared since it was launched.



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