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Flower Ice Cream

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Brazilian ice cream parlor Mil Frutas sells ice cream flavored with exciting and exotic mixes of fruits and spices. Time to spread the joy to the rest of the world!

More handheld goodness: it may be autumn in Brazil right now, but last summer’s sensation, spicy flower ice creams, can still make it big this summer in Europe and North America. Pioneering this delicacy is ice cream shop Mil Frutas (Portuguese for a thousand fruits), which sells exotic mixes of fruits and spices that have resulted in flavors such as apricot & thyme, watermelon & ginger, Sicilian lemon & rosemary, pineapple & cayenne pepper, green grape & basil. Absolute hit this season was the creamy ‘capuchinha flower ice cream’ – slightly spicy, sweetened with honey and sprinkled with poppy seed. Sounds good! Want to get in on this game? Visit Mil Frutas’ Jardim Botânico shop or their Ipanema café, or better yet, partner with them to bring their ice cream or even their shops to the rest of the world.


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