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Flying robot

Flying robot can transform in mid-air`


A team of researchers have created a robot that uses a new flying technology and hopes its approach will enable the robot to pick up and drop items in future.

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Technology has evolved at such an alarming rate. What was once thought of as impossible has never been closer to reality. Robotic innovation has progressed in leaps and bounds in recent years with drones being a recent model that has disrupted the tech industry. In the past Springwise have covered robots with the ability to replace waiting staff in restaurants to the creation of tiny robotic flies. With drones fluctuating in different prices points and forms, they have become more readily available to the masses.

The JSK Lab at University of Tokyo has now taken its own approach to flying technology. The team has created DRAGON, which stands for Dual-rotor embedded multilink Robot with the Ability of multi-deGree-of-freedom aerial transformation. The flying robot is made from linked modules with hinges. Each hinge contains a pair of ducted fan thrusters to help it change direction in the air. Furthermore, the flying bot is driven by an Intel Euclid. Additionally, powered by a battery pack it allows for up to three minutes of flight time. The prototype is also made of four modules so it behaves like a quadrotor.

What is perhaps most impressive about this new creation is its ability to change shape. DRAGON’s shape can evolve on demand, such as moving from a curved position to a straight line when passing through a tight space. The robots’ creators claim it is autonomous and therefore intuitive as to when to change form to fit the required task. The end goal for developers is for the robot to pick up objects using two-fingered grippers on its two ends. How could you incorporate robotics into your service offering?



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