Some key parameters of companies we are interested in:

Geography / Scalability

• As Springwise is truly global, we are interested in entrepreneurial ideas from anywhere in the world, provided the business is scalable for a worldwide rollout.

Game shifter

• We are looking for truly innovative ideas that are genuine game shifters within their niche.

Minority position preferred

• We are happy to work with the founders / managers of the businesses we invest in, and do not seek majority control. We don’t want to run or manage your businesss, but we’re there to help.

• Typical initial investment size is USD 25,000 to USD 250,000 for angel round, and up to USD 1 million for follow-on round.

• We can assist with further rounds of financing given our extensive international network of both VCs and strategic investors.

Focus industries:

• All B2C sectors, from anywhere in the world.