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Foldable and portable, boat can sail, kayak or run on solar

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Montenegro-based HYPAR Smart Boat is a modular, portable, sustainable boat design that can be used in three ways, as well as carried as a backpack.

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As material and design technology continue to advance, the days of a cluttered storage space may be numbered. Bulky outdoor equipment is being given innovative makeovers, with Montenegro-based HYPAR Smart Boat recently introducing its portable three-way design. The HYPAR boat folds down for carrying as a backpack, and when ready to be used, turns into a solar-powered dinghy, a sailboat or a kayak.

Hypar is short for the shape of the boat – Hyperbolic-Paraboloids – designed to make it particularly efficient in the water, whatever the conditions. The boat is constructed of corrugated plastic and a custom polypropylene material specifically designed for marine-based use, which employs a cylindrical honeycomb hexagonal matrix for lightweight strength. The company will provide lifelong support for the materials, charging only a small fee for the shipping and recycling costs to replace damaged pieces of hull. Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, first shipments of the boat are expected in summer 2017.

Modularity and portability are transforming the accessibility of everything from homes to farms, often with a focus on sustainable design and use, providing people with opportunities they previously would have been unable to obtain. What do governments need more of in order to make best use of portable, modular designs to help alleviate some of the most pressing social challenges of today?




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