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Food and cosmetic innovations tryvertised via luxury store and gift box


In the Netherlands, Darling Delicious provide a retail testing platform for companies to trial innovations before launching on the market.

Earlier this year we featured tryvertising store Sample Central which has opened in Japan and Hungary. Now extending retail-based tryvertising to food and cosmetics industries is Darling Delicious in the Netherlands, who provide a platform for companies to test their innovations with consumers before they launch on the market. Researchers at Darling Delicious claim to search for the most luxurious, innovative, tasty and sustainably produced items, which they trial in two ways to a female market aged 25 to 55. In their trend store in Groningen, these trial products are tested in a real shop environment, and are available for purchase alongside Darling Delicious’ own range. Producers wishing to be stocked must provide a brief description of their company, the product, and the current phase of development. If they are selected by Darling Delicious, the producer will then receive access to all the consumer feedback on their product. Meanwhile, a “GooddieBox” containing new products is also sent to 200 carefully selected international recipients, at least four times a year. Producers can submit five questions to gain understanding of customers’ perception of their product, and after the trial period, Darling Delicious will help businesses analyze feedback to bring the final product to shelves. According to the Darling Delicious website, 90 percent of new products disappear from shelves soon after their introduction. Gaining customer responses to everything from ingredients and recipes through to packaging style could provide the key to a longer shelf-life. One for luxury food and cosmetic innovators to get involved with?



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