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Food protector extends the life of fresh fruit and vegetables

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Phresh's Food Protectors use an organic powder that kills bacteria and can increase food life by up to a month.

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The food industry still causes vast amounts of waste, and a lot of waste happens in homes. Much of the food consumers buy end up being thrown out after it goes bad, and organic fruits and vegetables often don’t stay fresh for long due to a lack of preservatives. But a new Israel and China-based startup hopes to extend the life of fresh produce with their innovation.

Phresh has developed Food Protectors, a kitchen gadget that could increase the lifetime of fruit and veg by up to a month. The protectors use a powerful, plant-based organic powder that counteracts the bacteria that cause food to go bad.

Phresh has recently finished a crowdfunding round on Kickstarter, beating their target and raising USD 30,000. The company stress their powder is organic and even completely safe to eat. It comes in small pouches and releases over time. The Food Protectors come with small LEDs that change color when a powder sachet needs replacing.

The startup claims that most families could save hundreds of dollars every year using their product. According to their own food waste calculator, a family of two adults and two children could save more than USD 130 a year by using a pair of Food Protectors.

We’ve already seen a Danish supermarket selling only food that has gone past its sell by date. Could technology like Phresh’s be used in supermarkets?




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