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'For Sale' sign gets a digital makeover

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A real estate start-up has developed a connected 'For Sale' sign that attracts the attention of passersby.

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The world of estate sales is very competitive, and real estate agents are always looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd. We have recently seen innovations such as turning property viewings into a game and creation of a global real estate platform. Real estate startup Compass specialises in high-end markets, and has developed a high-end sign to match. The sign is shaped like a magnifying glass, with a glowing ring. In the centre of the ring is the real estate agents’ contact information.

As a person walks by the sign, LED lights activate and cascade down the sides of the ring. The lights draw attention to a QR code on the sign. Scanning the code takes prospective buyers to the Compass app, where they can see more information about the property. The app also allows agents to select from a variety of light animations and to monitor battery life. Compass has even negotiated a deal with Waze that will showcase sign locations in the Waze app. In the future, Compass plans to build a fully digital version of the sign that agents can update in real time. They are also currently working on an augmented reality version. This could show images of the house, or information about the neighbourhood.

The signs are designed to help homes stand out, and the company expects its 4,100 agents to snap them up. They will cost roughly USD 1,000, but can last for many years.




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