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T-shirts for grown-ups feature built-in ties


If kids can skip the formalwear in favour of Fat Tie t-shirts, isn’t it only fair that there should be a like-minded option for adults? Well, it just so happens there is thanks to Idaho-based startup Formalitees. A member of 1% for the Planet, Formalitees recently launched the Tie Tee, an organic t-shirt with an actual tie permanently attached at the neck. The shirt is crafted in the US from 100 percent organic cotton that’s grown in Texas and custom-sewn in California; six colours are available, as are cuts for both men and women. On each Tie Tee, a fake attached knot is removable for easier ironing. Pricing on the shirts is USD 49. This isn’t just about comfort β€” Formalitees is taking a stand against business as usual, and aims to reclaim the necktie and infuse it with worthy ideals: “a healthy environment, a just economy, and open-minded leadership.” Part rebellion, part humor and part a pursuit of comfort, Formalitees’ Tie Tees could become de rigeur in enterprises around the globe β€” at least on casual Fridays. Let it never be said that there are no new ideas in the world of fashion! πŸ˜‰ P.S. Wearing Formalitees in the picture above are Kim Karlsrud and Daniel Phillips of Commonstudio, whose Greenaid project we featured in April β€” Guerrilla gardeners use candy machines to sell seed bombs.



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