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Exclusive membership card offers perks for entrepreneurs

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Recipients of the Key-2 Luxury key ring may get to enjoy uber-premium privileges for life, but holders of the FoundersCard are entitled to benefits of a more targeted kind. Focusing on entrepreneurs, FoundersCard offers its members access to a variety of executive-style perks and services designed to support their goals in business and in life. Since its launch last year, Manhattan-based FoundersCard has come to include among its members “the founders and CEOs of many of today’s most successful companies and tomorrow’s most promising ventures,” in the company’s own words. To each of those members it delivers access to more than 100 unique benefits and services from travel, lifestyle and business partners including Virgin Atlantic, W Hotels, Wine Library, Equinox Fitness and Zipcar. Members also gain entry to frequent members-only networking events held by FoundersCard throughout the year. Following an application process, FoundersCard’s standard annual membership fee is USD 495. A one-time initiation fee costs USD 65. As any successful founder will tell you, one route to business success is to pick a niche and serve it well. Where else could entrepreneurs use a little targeted service?



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