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Captcha tool teaches users South African languages

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iCAPTCHA is a website protection tool that uses captchas to teach South Africans words from the country’s 11 official languages.

The average person spends ten seconds every day completing a captcha, in order to prove they are not a bot and access websites. Now, online multilingual dictionary Bilingo has created iCAPTCHA, which will put that time to better use by enabling the process to teach residents words from South Africa’s 11 official languages.

Anyone with a website can use iCAPTCHA and help teach South Africans their neighboring languages one word at a time. The free tool can be added to any website’s backend using a few simple lines of code. Then, when users visit the site, instead of a regular random captcha, they will be presented with an iCAPTCHA, which asks them to copy out a real South African word into the input box. Once complete, the tool translates the word, teaching it to the user and allows them access to the website.

How else could this simple idea be used for educational purposes?



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