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Swipe is a free magazine targeting millennials, which curates the best of the internet in print for London's commuters.

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The internet can be overwhelming — there is so much content that even when readers are enjoying an article, it can be hard to resist the urge to click through a link and get lost in an online wormhole. Hoping to solve that problem for London’s commuters is Swipe, a free publication offering the best of the internet in print.

We have already seen HTTPrint and PaperLater offer printed versions of a reader’s favorite web stories, for those missing the physicality of the newspaper. Swipe merges that idea, with the distribution model of the city’s booming freemium magazine market. Instead of a personalized magazine, Swipe is a curated publication containing articles from 80 websites, such as Business Insider and The Quietus. Topics range from technology to street art, music, politics and travel, as well as popular articles on Medium. The publishers receive exposure and the writers are repaid at a rate of 10p per word.


Published twice a month, 20,000 free copies of Swipe will be handed out at central tube stations and placed in coffee shops. How else could online content be adapted into a print product?



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