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Free social platform helps users jointly care for a loved one

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Cura is a new, UK-based platform that aims to share the tasks surrounding care of a loved one between family and friends.

Caring for a sick or elderly loved one can take a significant toll on the people giving that care, yet it can be difficult to recruit help without the expense of hiring a paid professional. Cura is a new, UK-based platform that aims to “bring family, friends and communities together to care for the people around them,” in the site’s own words. Users of Cura begin by creating a free and secure online community focusing on the loved one who needs care — an elderly parent, say. Next they invite family, friends and neighbors to join the site and upload tasks that need to be done to take care of that loved one. Community members can then instantly see the tasks as they are added and sign up for the ones they can help with, whether it’s making a trip to the grocery store or putting out the trash bins. Cura explains: “No need to make countless phone calls to ask people to help and certainly no need to struggle on alone anymore.” Cura was built with a GBP 4,000 grant from charity UnLtd. Social entrepreneurs around the globe: time to build something similar in your area? Spotted by: Sian Mansbridge



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