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Free text generator replaces lorem ipsum

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Lorem Ipsum text can now be replaced for free using a text generator that creates topical prose.

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Boom Online Marketing, a UK based digital marketing agency, has created an alternative to lorem ipsum. Lorem ipsum is a Latin placeholder text that fills document layouts before writers replace it with content and copy. It contains scrambled sections of Cicero’s ‘The Extremes of Good and Evil’, written in 45 B.C. Boom’s new text generator offers a useful alternative to this placeholder text. Rather than having a template of unrelated text, their generator produces topical text for users.

To use the Boom free text generator, first users need to choose a topic. Next, they select the number of bullet points or paragraphs they would like to produce. Finally, there is the option to produce the text in either HTML tags or plain text. Therefore users can generate text relevant to their line of work or the content they’re producing. Whether that’s cooking, sport, politics, fashion and much more. The generator produces custom content by analysing Wikipedia pages based on the topic the user searches for. It then copies and pastes the information it finds and reformats it into the chosen format.

As well as creating a more relevant experience for marketers, innovations in marketing improve a brands engagement with their audience. In the UK, a marketing campaign for a vegan cookbook featured a scented bus shelter, releasing a chocolate fudge scent as people passed by. In Portugal, a paper catalogue designed as a marketing tool for luxury products, creates an AR experience by connecting to digital devices. What other unique ideas can improve the content marketing process?



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