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Free wifi app for ridesharing taxi services

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Meshable provides access to free, secure wifi in rideshare vehicles such as Uber.

For smartphone users who are constantly on the move, they can find their data allowance disappearing quickly. That’s why Meshable is offering secure, free wifi in a place that is a common mode of transport — rideshare taxis.

The developers say their app lets users securely use the driver’s hotspot to get internet in rideshare taxis such as Uber or Lyft. Meshable say there will be no data caps during the rideshare. The uniqueness of the service lies in their freemium model — most public hotspots are costly. What’s more, it enables users to save their data when they’re on the move. On their way to a meeting, for example, the service would come in handy if they need to download a large powerpoint file.

The service, currently in Beta, is available for Android, with an iOS version coming soon. Meshable’s wifi service is free during ridesharing, and the developers only make money when users buy internet off of the driver.

We’ve already seen free wifi for a whole city in the Netherlands, and connectivity introduced on public transport vehicles in Portugal. How else can data and wifi be made more publicly available in smart cities?



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