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Freelancers can read reviews of employers before accepting a job

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Colombian review app, Squire, helps freelancers avoid bad employers.

In the US alone, people who freelance contribute an estimated USD 715 billion in earnings to the economy. However, finding work and, correspondingly, maintaining a stable income are cited by freelancers themselves as the top barriers to a productive professional life. As more and more people turn to freelancing for the greater flexibility it affords, we have seen a rise in innovations that help them address these stumbling blocks. BillFront, a financial technology platform, fronts the money for unpaid invoices until they are settled; and Boonle’s platform helps fledgling freelancers build up their portfolio by offering out jobs on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Now Squire helps those doing contractual work avoid problematic employers.

Founded by Colombian, Sebastian Ferreira, Squire is the first client feedback search engine for freelancers. Users type their prospective employer’s name into the search bar and the app brings up all the comments on that employer from previously contracted freelancers. To aid those who feel they’re wasting their time constantly chasing outstanding payments, Squire allows freelancers to completely avoid working for poorly reviewed companies and simultaneously provides an incentive to those using freelancers to behave properly.

The beta version is arriving soon. Could the greater transparency achieved by this review system be helpful in other business areas?



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