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French designer uses algorithm to create furniture

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The chair, dubbed "A.I." by its creators, appears to be the first commercial chair to be created using a generative design algorithm

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Spotted:  French designer Philippe Starck has partnered with an algorithm to create a chair. The collaboration is a world-first, according to Autodesk, the software company that owns the algorithm. The chair is called A.I. in honour of the human-machine partnership.

The chair was created using a technique called generative design. That means Starck provided specific parameters — weight, strength, and stipulations for manufacturing (he also wanted it to be beautiful). The algorithm came up with designs based on those qualifications.

Autodesk previously partnered with the likes of NASA and General Motors to create other generative projects, but none of those have gone to market. The chair will be available for purchase this summer through the Italian furniture company Kartell.

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