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French online retailer makes deliveries using runners

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Carrefour has partnered with the female only running event, La Parisienne, to promote Ooshop, its online retailer.

With more and more people doing their food shopping online, Springwise has written about a number of innovations that support ordering and delivering groceries. We recently wrote about this supermarket retailer who has partnered with IFTTT – If That Then This – so that customers can programme their order to automatically factor in changes in the weather and the price. We also saw this Swedish delivery service that includes unpacking the shopping for customers who aren’t at home.

This September, to promote their online branch Ooshop, Carrefour powered its delivery service with runners. The French supermarket chain partnered with female-only sporting event, La Parisienne, to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to sport and promoting physical activity in the community. During the three day race, all deliveries were made by runners.

Could this means of delivery become a permanent feature?


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