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London chef cooks & delivers seasonal creations by the portion


No end in sight to the market for home-cooked meals! We’ve covered several ventures in recent months that focus on helping amateur chefs sell portions of their home-cooked creations, and just recently we came upon yet another — this time from a professional. Frank Hannon is a freelance chef in east London who has launched a service whereby food enthusiasts can purchase weekly servings of his home-cooked creations. Hannon has worked for several years in London at restaurants including The River Cafe and Moro. Now, for a once-a-week Friday Night Takeout service catering to hungry consumers in the London Fields, Shoreditch and south Hackney areas, he cooks a casserole-style dish or two each Friday featuring that week’s best seasonal produce. Hannon’s blog announces ahead of time what the week’s creation will be, and orders can be accepted via text or email starting early in the week. Hannon sources his produce from local outlets and prices the resulting creations between GBP 8.50 and GBP 9.50, with a vegetarian dish available for GBP 7 on request. Delivery takes place between 5 and 7.30 on Friday evening, leaving recipients with nothing to do but warm it up before enjoying. Similar in some ways to the supper clubs and “anti-restaurants” we’ve featured over the years — Stolen Supper Club and Charlie’s Burgers spring to mind — the Friday Night Takeout combines professional preparation with dining insperience in a way that’s sure to appeal to today’s budget-strapped yet no less gourmet-minded consumers. Adding to the appeal, of course, is the sense of tapping into a professional chef’s personal, home creations. Foodies and professional chefs around the world: time to get cooking — on your own schedule — for thrifty gourmets in your neck of the woods…? (Related: Tweetjemee helps amateur cooks set up shop as neighbourhood chefsOnline network helps home cooks sell their extra portionsMarketplace for home-cooked mealsMore meal prep & cooking instruction, this time by Jamie OliverUpscale takeaway meets on-site cooking schoolReady-to-cook meals delivered to busy urbanites.) Spotted by Polly Gannaway



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