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Bra straps, revealing skirts, hiphop jewelry and rap snacks: the latest crazes in Japan and the US.

Bra straps, revealing skirts, hiphop jewelry and rap snacks

Whether you’re deeply into fashion or dress like Woody Allen, a good fad can bring in the dollars, euros and yens like nothing else! Buy or manufacture the stuff below in bulk, ship it to wherever you live or work, and befriend tens of millions of fashion and music loving teens worldwide. In Japan, colorful replaceable bra straps are selling like hot cakes. They come adorned with beads, glitter, decorative ribbons and other eye-catching items, and are clearly not meant to be hidden under clothes. Prices range from 500 yen to 2000 ($4-$16). Want to buy wholesale? Check out Garland Industries. Looks like a worthy, if not temporary follow-up for the cell phone strap craze! Even more revealing (or so it seems at first sight), are Japanese mini-skirts with underwear-prints, made to look as if undies are showing through. Not what they seemed, the revealing skirts (as shown in the picture above), turned out to be Photoshop creations. The large number of newspapers that earnestly reported on this ‘fad’ actually show that what started out as a joke could turn into a nice business opportunity for clever designers! How long before the ‘real fake thing’ shows up? With the US rap scene now being as mainstream as IKEA furniture, it’s time for EVEN MORE SERIOUS monetizing of this industry: for the hungry, there are Rap Snacks, ‘the snacks with the rappers on them’, in 11 rap flavors, like “Lil Romeo BAR-B-Quin With Honey”. Want to snack in style? For a ‘Gold Bonded chain with 2pac Medallion’, head for If that’s not enough, you can look exactly like your favorite rapper if you buy direct from Nelly, Ice-T, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Jay-Z, all of who are launching or have recently launched their own clothing lines. To quote Todd Slater, retail analyst with investment bank Lazard Freres (on “Every major music personality I can think of is considering or has already considered an apparel line.” Sounds like some lucrative, if not glamorous, European and Asian licensing deals could be had in the next couple of months.


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