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From Israel, smartphone designed for use while driving


The Voyager is a car phone that aims to be more practical as well as safe for vehicle owners.

Using a cell phone behind the wheel has largely been banned around the world, and we’ve even seen the RodeDog app help alert friends when drivers do try to pick up their device. However, Israeli telecoms company Accel has developed the Voyager, a car phone that aims to be more practical as well as safe for vehicle owners. The device is designed to be a second handset that drivers can simply leave in the car when not in use. However, a twinned SIM card means that users can receive calls on the phone through their existing number. As well as noise reduction and echo cancellation to increase the clarity of speaker phone conversations, the Voyager comes with large physical buttons that are easier to accurately press from a distance than touchscreen keypads. It can be connected to the car’s diagnostics system via Bluetooth, meaning the device alerts drivers if something goes wrong. The phone also comes loaded with apps designed for use by drivers, such as GPS and parking spot locators. The following video explains the Voyager in more detail: Traditional smartphones aren’t built with the specific aim of being used in vehicles and the Voyager goes some way to ensure that drivers can more easily operate their car phone in a hands-free manner. How could smartphones be adapted for other every day situations? Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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