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From Italy, platform helps handpicked consumers design and sell their own shoes


AliveShoes is an online platform that allows consumers handpicked by the company to design their own sneakers and then sell them online.

It’s been several years since we wrote about Keds Studio, but recently we came across an initiative that’s strikingly similar but with a competitive twist. Based in Italy, AliveShoes is an online platform that allows consumers to design their own sneakers and then sell them online. Aiming to “disrupt the shoe industry and open the market to new talents,” in the company’s own words, AliveShoes plans to give footwear lovers a way to create, produce and sell shoes worldwide. Whereas many “design your own” platforms are open to anyone, however, AliveShoes is now accepting applications through Facebook from those interested in being one of the 30 shoe designers it will choose in the first half of this year. The deadline for applications is June 21, and from 67 applications received so far the company has already chosen 10 designers, it says. Those selected will get access to AliveShoes’ digital tools, create their own shop and brand, and sell their sneakers online with direct support from the company including production and distribution; participation is free. In the video below, company CEO Luca Botticelli explains the premise in more detail: We’ve seen plenty of design-your-own offerings over the years, but it’s interesting to see AliveShoes hand-picking the participants for its platform. Fashion-minded entrepreneurs: one to partner with on parts of the production or distribution processes?



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