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From Spain, a bike made from old cars

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Rather than using up fresh resources to produce its bikes, Lola Madrid sources the materials for its Bicycled model from scrapped motors.

It’s well known that replacing many of the cars on the road with bikes would be more beneficial for the environment. Creative agency Lola Madrid is now aiming to do that in quite a literal way, by sourcing the materials for its Bicycled model from scrapped motors. The self-attributed ‘perfect bike’ features a frame made out of chassis and framework metal, a chain from the transmission belt and lights re-fashioned from indicator lamps. Upholstery is also used to create the saddle and handlebars, while car door handles become seatpost clamps. As each bike is made from different cars, each model in unique. Lola Madrid said it has had almost 1,000 requests for a bike, and it is currently tweaking its prototype in the hope of being able to meet the large demand. For now, the video below shows the prototype being created: Bicycles are already considered a green mode of transport and by re-using scrapped cars that otherwise may be left lying in a yard, Lola Madrid has managed to improve this model of sustainability. Plenty of inspiration here! Spotted by: Murray Orange



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