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Got a room to spare? This service facilitates short term letting over the net.

Ah, this is what the Internet was invented for (forget science and ARPANETS): creating entirely new markets by matching supply and demand, courtesy of a refreshing dose of transparency. Point in case: British MondaytoFriday, an online marketplace linking those looking for somewhere to stay during the working week with those who have a spare bedroom they wish to let from Monday to Friday. Both owners and lodgers register at MondaytoFriday, paying a one-off fee of GBP 10 for one month’s access. So, for professionals commuting too far and too often, working on a project away from home, or starting a job in another part of the country and in need of lodging or somewhere to stay on weekdays; OR for people who have a spare room they wish to let out on weekdays to earn some extra tax-free cash, without the hassle and intrusion of someone lodging full-time, this is one clever concept. While the company aims to cover the whole of the UK, Springwise hasn’t spotted competition outside the United Kingdom yet.


Think of all the real estate sitting empty weekdays or weekends, around the world, without Yahoo or style brands claiming leadership in this category. From temporary office sublets, to home exchanges for holiday purposes, to MondaytoFriday kind of services: the Net is begging for a couple of professional, global, lifestyle-branded dot com players, to once and for all unlock this multi-billion market! SECOND .COMING anyone?


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