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Frozen food bistro

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In Paris, bistros are synonymous with cheap and cheerful food. In Hamburg, FRoSTA Bistro serves cheap and cheerful frozen food. We’ll refrain from cracking jokes about German cuisine, as this actually isn’t a bad idea. FRoSTA, a mid-sized, forward thinking company with an active blog, manufactures premium frozen foods that are completely free of artificial additives. The bistro, which opened in November 2005, is a well-designed restaurant with chefs working in an open kitchen. For all to see, they prepare frozen foods from FRoSTA’s range. Packaging is on display, reinforcing the message that the meals prepared in the bistro are identical to what consumers can buy in a supermarket. Main attraction to consumers is the combination of healthy and fast dining out, at low prices. Main dishes are priced between EUR 4 and 5.50. For FRoSTA, the bistro presents an excellent opportunity to get close to its customers, and see how they react and respond to its products. What’s not to love about this well-executed example of tryvertising meets brand spaces! Time to figure out which of your products and services sold directly to consumers could do with a living and breathing ad, if not a completely new business concept plus higher margins and additional revenues?


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