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Fruit for consumers on the go

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Although nothing beats fresh fruit, and apples and bananas are conveniently packaged by nature, sometimes consumers favour something even easier. E4B (“Easy for Busy”) steps up to the challenge, packing the puree of multiple fruits into portable pouches. E4B’s mango flavour, for example, contains 2 mangos, 1 apple, half a banana, and no artificial additives. Packaging was originally developed in Japan for Nasa, and the pouch’s seven layers make for a shelf-life of a year. The products are slurpable, but presented as snacks, not drinks. Pricing seems a bit steep at USD 5.99, and the product is currently only available in (parts) of the United States. Uniting two major trends – convenience and health – continues to create opportunities for new products in many industries, not just food and beverage. Make it easy for your customers to stay healthy! Update | A reader kindly alerted us to the fact that E4B wasn’t the first to create this product. French manufacturer Materne has been making Pom’Potes for quite a while, in seven apple-based varieties. Priced more reasonably than E4B, French online grocer sells boxes of 12 x 90 gram Pom’Potes for EUR 5.55. Thanks, Gwen!


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