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Biodegradable bottle | Photo source Pixabay

Fully biodegradable water bottle is manufactured without using fossil fuels


Paper-based water bottle is biodegradable and disintegrates in just a few weeks.

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With water being essential to life, it is crucial to find a sustainable way to distribute and drink it. This is where water bottles play a critical role. We have seen water bottles specifically designed to be eco-friendly and convenient. For example, a squeezable bottle made from elastic titanium. This durable material renders the bottle long-lasting and avoids the water contamination typical of plastic bottles. Similarly, the American company Treeson Spring Water came up with an innovative way to encourage users to recycle their bottles. The company pays postage to mail bottles to a recycling plant free of charge. To make it even easier, they print the destination address on the side of the water bottle. Choose Water has gone a step further, producing bottles that don’t even need to be recycled.

The product is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The initiative started with the realization that the distribution of plastic water bottles to poor communities was damaging the environment. The resulting creation is a plastic free bottle that still keeps water fresh. The bottle is made primarily of recycled paper and features a waterproof lining. This lining consists of a combination of plant-based materials. These materials are beneficial to the environment. As the bottle biodegrades, it offers nutrients to sea life and neutralizes soil if it ends up in a landfill.

Not only is the bottle itself eco-friendly, so is the manufacturing process. According to the company’s founder, producing the bottle requires no fossil fuels. In addition to the standard paper bottles, the company produces a range of glass bottles. The target consumer for these bottles are hospitality or corporate clients. Moreover, the company has partnered with Water for Africa, to which they donate 100 percent of their profits. How else can technology help us to combine social and environmental causes?




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