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Fully-customizable modular garden rooms

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UK company 3rd Space have recently launched their range of modular garden rooms.

The modular offices, hotels and condominiums which we’ve seen popping up around the globe recently, are indicative of the demand for flexible and adaptable construction options. The latest to launch on the modular market is UK company 3rd Space, with their modular garden rooms. 3rd Space is designed and fabricated by Sawhorse, a partnership between award-winning architect Paul Grindley and interior architect and project manager, Ben Jardine. Acknowledging that every garden is different, the modular system allows garden rooms to be configured to suit the surroundings, and can be arranged as an L-shape, C-shape or in bespoke layouts. Built to order, customers can choose from standard room designs or create something unique to better suit their garden with regards to views, privacy and sun paths. Standard rooms use birch ply finishes and Western Red Cedar cladding, with the option to choose from “endless” material possibilities and a range personalized internal finishes. In the words of 3rd Space, rooms have an “elegant, modern design and [are] hand-crafted with the highest quality materials”, designed to allow for true customization. They can be extended by adding on extra bays and quickly dismantled, making them easy to relocate. Rooms take four to six weeks to be designed and delivered, with a standard installation taking between three and four days. A standard 2.4m by 2.4m bay with one door and three infill panels costs from GBP 13,800 including VAT. Offering customizable products means consumers can make purchase decisions according to their personal style and financial situation. As with 3rd Space, this was a large part of the appeal behind WWOO’s outdoor kitchen units as well. Could you offer similar options with your own product or service?



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