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Fun customization encourages kids to wear bike helmets

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Netherlands-based EGG helmets enables young bicycle riders to make fun customizable helmets.

Just as MoGo Sport mouthguards use flavorings to encourage kids to stay safe during contact sports, Netherlands-based EGG is providing a service that enables young bike riders to customize their helmets. Suitable for both cycling and other active sports that require a helmet, the EGG design was created firstly to comply with safety regulations and secondly to inject an element of fun into picking a helmet. Each model can be fitted properly around the child’s head due to adjustable parts – ensuring comfort – while kids can choose from a number of designs and add-ons – including horns and a Mohawk – to personalize their helmet. The basic helmet is priced at EUR 69, with an extra EUR 15 added for a ‘skin’ and between EUR 9 and EUR 15 for an add-on. Up to three add-ons can be included on each helmet. With designs to appeal to both boys and girls, EGG helmets hope to make safety fun by enabling kids to express themselves through protective gear. The company even hopes to bring out an adult-size model in the future. How else can safety be encouraged?



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