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Furniture stores bikes as conversation pieces

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Chol1 is a line of modern furniture that showcases bikes proudly within the home.

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Bike storage problems can be solved by designing evermore foldable bikes, but Chilean designer Manuel Rossel believes that the beloved two-wheel companions should be celebrated with dedicated space.


Chol1, designed by Rossel, an avid cyclist, is a line of unique furniture that doubles as bike storage space. Instead of leaving bikes in hallways or outdoors, users can slot their bikes on top of bookshelves, onto a platform behind the sofa, or on an angular stand. Without the bikes, the pieces look like ordinary, minimalistic modern furniture. Keeping functionality at the core of design, the pieces provide a stable space for bike storage that doesn’t leave marks on the walls. It is hoped that they will shift people away from the TV and inspire dialogue around cycling by having beloved bikes as a conversation piece.

Chol1 is currently only available in Chile with a price range of CLP 33000-305000 (USD 49-445). Rossel hopes to start shipping internationally. In the age of personalization and status, how else can the home better showcase a person’s individual interests?



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