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For future repairs, table's digital blueprints are etched on its surface


Rev-->Table is a side table that comes with a digital design file embedded in its surface.

It’s become increasingly common to see digital data incorporated in real-world objects, but it wasn’t until just recently that we came across an example in the world of furniture. Sure enough, aiming to facilitate future modifications and repairs, Rev–>Table is a side table that comes with a digital design file embedded in its surface. Crafted by MIT startup Supermechanical from solid oak, powder-coated steel and laser-etched aluminum, Rev–>Table’s digital blueprint is etched as a barcode into a durable aluminum plate on its surface. No internet connection is required to access the attached data; rather, any smartphone can scan the two-dimensional barcode to retrieve the stored DXF files. “Use your smartphone to read the digital design file embedded in each part and create replacements,” the company explains. “Modify the legs to make them longer or angled or art deco. This is furniture for the future of manufacturing.” Customization options, quantity discounts and trade pricing on the USD 499 table are available. In the ongoing quest for sustainability in this eco-minded era, anything that helps consumers get the most out of the products they buy is bound to be a winner. Other manufacturers of products large and small: what about you? Spotted by: Judy McRae



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