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Game-based recruitment tests unique skillsets and boosts candidate engagement

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ConnectCubed offers custom platforms that use games to determine skillsets that can't be gleaned from candidates' CVs.

While India-based BBR Saatchi & Saatchi IL has already used video game performance as part of its recruitment criteria in its Hell of a Job campaign, hiring initiatives in the large part still rely solely on resumés and interviews to assess candidate talent. ConnectCubed is aiming to change that, offering custom platforms that use games to determine skillsets that can’t be gleaned from CVs. One of the recent winners at Netexplo 2013, the company already has its own sets of psychometric tasks – initially developed for the financial trading industry in Asia – that help inform employers of candidate attributes such as spatial skills, ability to adapt, and personality. According to ConnectCubed, applicants tend to answer more questions than they need to since the games are engaging, providing employers with more detailed and accurate data. Platforms are customizable, enabling businesses to decide at which point in the interview process the games are implemented and create their own industry or company-specific tasks. ConnectCubed also suggests that these games can improve applicants’ opinion of the brand and increase their likelihood of wanting to accept a position – particularly useful for industries where supply of roles outstrips demand from candidates. The video below explains more about the idea behind ConnectCubed: How else can recruitment strategies be overhauled to better ensure that employers gain access to the most relevant personnel? Spotted by: Alexia M



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