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Game feedback platform uses machine learning to filter reviews

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Player XP uses machine learning to help identify constructive feedback in mobile video game reviews.

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Sifting through reviews to find out how to improve the video games they are building can be a tedious task for developers, but a new program for aggregating game feedback could help. Player XP is a review and analysis platform for mobile gaming.

The aggregator uses machine learning and natural language processing to analyze the reviews. It filters unhelpful reviews or spam, showing only constructive feedback through its artificial intelligence program. As well as removing unhelpful feedback, the platform categorizes the data via date published or ratings, so more in-depth analysis can be done.

The platform is dedicated to mobile games, and currently aggregates more than 40 million iOS reviews from 250,000 iOS mobile games. Could machine learning be used to help players themselves find new and exciting games that fit their tastes?



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