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Gamified checkout offers users chance at a free online purchase


Luckycycle’s API enables online retailers to offer users rewards with gamified options at checkout, encouraging social media shares and repeat visits.

Online retailers are forever striving for innovative ways to keep users clicking through more products and making repeat returns to their product pages, as we’ve seen with this site that lets users receive opinions from their social media contacts before purchasing, and now Belgium-based Luckycycle are helping retailers gamify online shopping.


The Luckycycle API is designed to fit seamlessly onto online retail pages without businesses having to alter anything about their point-of-service (POS) processes. When choosing to checkout, customers can be met with an array of gamified options, tailored by the retailer, through which they can win free purchases or prizes. Client examples include activewear specialist, Lucy, that offered users a USD 500 free basket by playing a roulette wheel-type game, and Hotel Chocolat, who based their seasonal Halloween online campaign on a trick-or-treat click-and-reveal game that offered discounts on future purchases. Users are encouraged to share their experiences on social media, with Luckycycle claiming that click through rates, basket sizes, conversion rates and shares all increase by 15-30% when retailers implement it at POS. With businesses able to set win rates (eg 1 in 10), game types and incentives (eg ‘add another item to your basket to play’), customers are also less likely to experience fatigue through repeat visits.

Having already seen the use of VR smart glasses for browsing physical stores during online purchasing, how else can online retailers diversify user experiences?




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