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Gamified gift-giving platform asks users to compete to win venue vouchers from friends


The Vouchr app is enabling Canadians to gift recommendations for local experiences, along with credit to spend.

Adding a gamification twist to gift-giving, the Canada-based Vouchr app is now enabling locals to give venue recommendations as presents. Those offering gifts can choose an experience they’ve enjoyed in the past and then upload a photo and a note explaining why it’s a good place to go – whether it’s an off-the-radar restaurant or a particularly good yoga class. Users can then set how much credit they want to offer their recipient and the voucher can then be sent to a contact. Alternatively, adding an competitive edge to the gift redemption, the gift can be uploaded onto Facebook and the first friend to take a trip to the location can pick up the credit. In order to encourage gift-giving, the app also gives each user a created-to-claimed ratio and creates a league table among friends to show who is the most benevolent. The app offers a unique gift-giving experience by enabling people to create their own vouchers for the places they like and want to share with others, while also boosting local business. Are there any other ways to put a twist on gift giving — and not just for this festive period? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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