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Gaming matchmaker links up similar players for online competition

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GamerLink is a mobile app which connects gamers with similar playing styles and skill levels to enhance their online multiplayer experience.

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Online multiplayer gaming has enabled players from all around the world to connect with each other at any given time, but as-yet, there has not been a satisfactory way of controlling who players end up pitting themselves against. GamerLink hopes to solve this problem, providing an online, real-time ‘gamer finder’, enabling players to link up with gamers of similar playing styles and skill levels and avoid the rude or uncommunicative gamers who often spoil multiplayer experiences.

To begin, users sign up to the free mobile app, choose which platform they want to play on — Xbox, PS4, Steam etc — and what game they want to play. They then create a ‘custom play request’ by filling in their gamer information, selecting their rank, skill level, character preferences and other details, tailored to each game. The app creates a virtual lobby of gamers waiting to play at any given game, listing players’ info and stats. Users can then browse the available options and choose to connect with gamers who match their preferences. They make contact by sending each other Pings and chatting in-app, before exchanging user names and reconnecting in their chosen game’s multiplayer mode. GamerLink is also developing a real-time advanced matchmaker which gets rid of the browsing process and uses algorithms to make suggested matches. This will be available via a monthly paid subscription.

You can learn more about how both apps work in the video below:

GamerLink is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter to finance android and iOS developments. Backers can gain early access to the Beta platform or choose to wait for the finished product. Are there other ways to help gamers connect with likeminded players?



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