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Sophisticated earbuds mold to users' ears in 60 seconds

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Revols are Bluetooth earphones with gel filled tips, which mold to the shape of the user’s ear when warmed up via a companion app.

Everyone has experienced the discomfort of ill-fitting earphones, but custom-made molded pairs have historically been too expensive for the average consumer. Now, offering a (slightly) more affordable solution are Revols. The Bluetooth earphones are made with silicone gel tips, which take the shape of the user’s ear when warmed up via a smartphone app.

The earphones begin in a gel state, and when users activate them using the companion app, the buds heat up and soften. Users then put them on, and as the tips cool down they set permanently in the shape of their ears. The whole process takes only 60 seconds. Wearers can control their listening experience through the app, using Revol’s adjustable soundscape. This feature uses microphones to enable the listener to control the amount of ambient noise they hear through the headphones, helping them stay alert while out and about, or immerse themselves in entertainment.


We have already seen companies such as AIAIAI abandoning the one-size-fits-all approach in favor of modular or customizable headphones. Revols are currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and pledgers can preorder a set of earphones with two pairs of moldable tips for a reduced price of USD 199. The product is expected to ship in June 2016 and retail at USD 300. How else could audio equipment be personalized for the user?



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