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Geofence system keeps track of your belongings

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A new system could help people to never leave vital items at home

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It’s no fun to head out for the day only to reach your destination and realise that you have left some crucial bit of kit behind. A number of companies have developed Bluetooth-linked trackers to help people find individual items that have been misplaced, such as wallets or keys. One even developed a smart backpack that could tell its owner if a tagged item had been left behind. Now, a startup has developed a system that can remind users to take items with them before they have left the house. Stackntrack uses trackers and a proprietary algorithm to determine what items users should have with them, and notify them if they are leaving the house without those items.

In the Stackntrack system, users organise their belongings into groups, or stacks, such as work items or gym gear. These stacks are registered on the app and a tracker is placed with one or more of the items in each group. Software then detects when the user is leaving the house, and what groups they have with them. If any of the items in that group have been left behind, the app notifies the user.

Stack works by establishing a geofence around the user’s home, office, hotel, etc. While users are inside of the geofence, users do not receive alerts. As soon as they step outside of the geofence, the app will start monitoring what items are with them. It will then also send an alert you if any items are missing from that group. Stack is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and reached its funding goal in just two days. The retail price of the tracker pack will eventually be around USD 39.99. What other common human mistakes might technology like this solve in future?



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