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On social entertainment site, HBO rewards TV 'check-ins'


Consumers going out to a bar or restaurant can already check in via sites like Foursquare to let their friends know where they are. Now, GetGlue aims to bring like-minded capabilities to the world of entertainment, giving users a way to share, rate and discover new books, TV shows, movies and music. When they first begin using GetGlue, consumers are asked to rate their favourite movies, books and music to begin building a profile. Based on that input, GetGlue will begin offering personalized recommendations for new items the consumer might enjoy. Then, as they sample new items, they can “check in” to let the world know what they’re trying out and rate each item with their considered opinion. Profiles are updated in real time as consumers rate new items, and users can view each other’s profiles for ideas on new things to try; they can even subscribe to each other’s profiles in Twitteresque fashion. A variety of stickers—both virtual and physical, apparently—are used to reward the site’s most active users, as is “guru” status for topic leaders. Even more interesting, though, is that thanks to a new partnership with HBO, users who check in to HBO’s hit shows can reportedly win exclusive branded stickers. Some 4.5 million new ratings and check-ins for TV shows, movies, music and books are submitted on GetGlue every month. The free service is available via browser add-on or iPhone app as well. For developers, an API is also available. Services based on check-ins have been growing in popularity—witness Topguest and Plancast, to name just two—but now that we’re seeing increased brand involvement, the premise makes even more sense. Entertainment companies large and small: time to brainstorm some GetGlue rewards of your own…? Spotted by: Barbara Klein



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