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Getting funky with Afro nostalgia

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Talk about a family affair -- Sexie Booda's funked-out-chic Afro Nostalgia bags star the designers' parents wearing Afros. Hot in London.

Talk about a family affair — Sexie Booda’s funked-out-chic Afro Nostalgia bags star the designers’ parents wearing Afros. Hot in London. Afro Nostalgia print bags by SBSpringwise editors rely on a worldwide network of Springspotters to stay on top of what’s new and hip in the ferociously fickle world of business, including fashion. This month’s most stylish submission comes from London (thank you, Fiona Venus). Fashion label McOdi is scoring big time with its accessories line, celebrating Afro with its ‘funked-out-chic’ Afro Nostalgia bag collection. Designers Leigh Odimah & Stephanie McLaren digitally print pictures taken from their personal family photo albums: cool images of their parents in big Afros. T-shirts can be had at Urban Outfitters in London and Glasgow, and as of this month, the more expensive goodies like leather bags are sold by House of Fraser in London. Fashion-obsessed Japanese can get their fix at Tokyo’s YSH (La Foret Harajuku – 2nd Floor). We hope they have a Vault 😉


SB’s Charlie capYou don’t have to be a fashion guru to know that success breeds success. With well-deservedly basking in London’s Eye2Eye spotlights, who is going to represent them in New York? Paris? Seoul? Barcelona? Rio? All you savvy entrepreneurs and distributors: McOdi can be contacted at


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